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Pretty Eyelash Extension: It's Useful and Risky

Are you jealous of a woman who has big eyes and long eyelashes? This may make your eyes look bright. If you have single eyelids or small eyes, it’s hard to be like that. How to make your eyes stand out? Most women will make up such as eyeliner or eye shadow. Others may apply the eyelash extensions.

As everyone knows that eyeliner or eye shadow does much harm to your eyes, when applying them frequently. Some women think the individual false eyelashes are safer for them to use. Is it true? Some researches indicate that the false eyelashes also will hurt your eyes.

1. It may affect your original eyelashes

After pasting the false eyelash, you must apply a mascara to make it adhere to original eyelashes tightly. This makes your eyes look natural. However, the problem comes to you as well. Picking off the eyelash extensions will likely destroy your own eyelash. Especially a bigger vigor. Your own eyelashes may be broken off or .

2. Some germs will come into your eyes

There is a wide range of false eyelashes available, including different brands, colors, shapes and materials. Being familiar with the material of eyelash extensions is essential.

Do you know that the inferior eyelash extensions usually pose potential dangers? Once the germ softly enters into eyes, the terrible things will happen to you. Such as, your vision may not be as good as before. And, your eyes may feel uncomfortable or itchy.

3. It may influence the ability of eyelid

A few girls prefer wearing the long or heavy eyelash extensions. Because of frequent wear, they may affect eyelid’s ability: reaction capacity. This kind of ability will become slower. It’s not a normal phenomenon.

Although there are permanent or semi-permanent eyelash extensions for you to use, it’s a bit troublesome because of wearing and taking down a day. Quite a few individuals choose to do the eyelash planting surgery. Is it safe? Even the doctor can’t ensure there is no risk when operating. Anyhow, you’d better not choose the informal plastic surgery hospital.

Eyelash is both useful and risky. It’s useful because it makes your eyes stand out or look bigger. It’s risky because it’s harmful to your eyes. Therefore, it’s vital that you should apply it properly instead of depending on it completely. And the false eyelashes you purchase must be from normal store.

Additionally, clean your eyes after taking down the false eyelashes. In my mind, your eyes will be both beautiful and healthy.