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Don`t Be Cheated by Beautiful Eyelash Extensions

Who doesn’t wish for a pair of beautiful and attractive eyelashes? However, many girls are not satisfied with their natural eyelashes that are not dense, black and long. Under such a condition, the eyelash extensions come into being. That is why we can see many girls owning very charming eyelashes in the party as well as some other occasions. Truly, they are too captivating to be refused by girls who are pursuing beauty. But don’t be cheated by those beautiful false eyelashes. In fact, they contain many hidden dangers related to eye health. The following explanation will enlighten you greatly.

When it comes to eyelashes, they can be regarded as the defensive system of human body, which can prevent bacteria or some other unclean substances from harming eyes. However, the eyelash extensions not only have no such a protective function, but also have great side effect on eyes’ health.

Generally speaking, there are permanent and semi-permanent eyelash extensions in nowadays market. Are you confused by these two different names? Just as its name implies, the former one is based on surgery that transplant the false eyelashes and replace the real ones permanent, while the latter one can be taken off. No matter which one you choose, both of them will affect the reaction time of eyelashes, because the false ones are much heavier than the real ones. As the result, the eyelids will respond dully. Besides, the protective function of real eyelashes will be impaired largely.

Girls are easier to be caught by folliculitis if wearing false eyelashes for a very long time. As we all know, eyelashes are linked with hair roots where a lot of sebaceous glands and sweat glands exist there. Eyelash extensions will block these important glands. As the time goes on, severe folliculitis will take shape. What is worse, some individual false eyelashes have very terrible sanitation problem, which have much more disastrous effect. In the meantime, many different kinds of glands are spread around the eyes, which will also be affected by wearing false eyelashes.

Some other girls’ real eyelashes condition is not health. That is to say, they are very frail and easy to fall off. Eyelash extensions will become the catalyst for this problem. These girls should pay special attention to this problem.

Until now, are you frightened by the eyelash extensions? Just remember one sentence: don’t be cheated by the charming and beautiful false eyelashes.