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Hair Extensions Offer More Image Change Choice for Bride

Hair extension, just as its name suggests, is to attach the extensions to the real hair so that the hair becomes longer. This technique for changing hair style was originated from Europe and was commonly used in designing bridal hairstyle. According to the culture in Asian countries, an updo is the most popular hairstyle for brides and thus hair extensions are widely applied.

The material used in hair extension can be real human hair extensions and chemical fibers. The former is much more expensive because it is more natural and comfortable and can reduce the damage that chemical fibers do to the real hair. Generally, there are three ways of doing hair extension, pasting, braiding and clipping, each of which has advantages and disadvantages.

Pasting means to apply the extensions to the real hair with the help of strong adhesive glue. Extensions with this method can have a longer duration, up to about three months. If properly cared for, you don’t have to worry about the fall-out of extensions. But the glue used here will inevitably cause damage to the natural hair, so pasting is always applied in depart dyeing, which only picks up a few curls of hair. Besides, the glue is allergic to caustic liquor, that is to say, the shampoo you choose should be acidic.

Compared with pasting, braiding is more environmental, which braid the extensions to the real hair, but it will take about three to four hours to the job. The extensions with braiding are connected to the natural hair tightly. It is as reliable as pasting, but it is difficult to do the hair treatment. You should take extra care when combing or washing the hair. Otherwise, the extensions will go frizzy and become dry quite soon.

However, the cheapest and most convenient way to apply the extensions is to clip them on and this is the most popular way. Now we even have wedding hair clips manufactures which are specialized in making extension clips to meet the demand of different consumers. Those clips can be colorful with various shapes; actually they can also function as hair accessory. The clipping process is quite easy and a skillful hand can do the job within a couple of minutes. But the big disadvantage is that this method can not guarantee long-term adhesion. To avoid embarrassment, you’d better choose a reliable brand.

In all, every bride dreams to be the most beautiful women in the wedding ceremony and the hair extensions will help them realize their dream.